Dear colleagues!

Dear friends!

The scientific program of the fifteenth all-Russian conference with international participation has been completed.

We have yet to think and discuss the outcome of this meeting. But even now it can be noted that despite some faults, mainly due to the organizers and me personally, the conference was successful. More than 50 reports were made, more than 10 of which were presented in English. I would like to note the high scientific level of the reports and discussions.

I would also like to inform the conference participants that, traditionally, articles prepared on the basis of reports can be published in a special issue of the journal “Quantum Electronics”. This will be roughly the June 2022 issue. I encourage all participants to prepare and send me manuscripts of articles by 1 March 2022, because the first round of peer review will be organized by the conference program committee. It should be completed by the end of March next year.

As I said, the outcome of the conference and the planning of future conferences will be discussed during next year. In my opinion, two issues are of fundamental importance: the official language of the conference and the distribution of time between speakers. On the whole, it is clear that we must move towards a full-scale international format, while preserving our democratic traditions, which I spoke about at the opening.

I wish Merry Christmas Happy New Year to all participants!

Alexey Taichenachev